My Life Right Now: Losing (and rediscovering) Focus

Life in General: I lost my focus.  I procrastinated.  I threw my writing on the back burner while I frantically graded and planned for school.  When the school year started, I told myself I would figure out a way to balance everything I had to do for work with everything I wanted to do as a writer and a reader.  My goal was to find that sweet spot of balancing my career ambitions with my passions for art with my life.  I haven’t been doing all of that too well lately.

Still, I have been making progress toward my goals.  I have been feeling more happiness in my life.  I have been making time for celebration and fun.  I attended a wedding last weekend which has definitely given me a bit of wedding fever, but I don’t have any engagement news to share.  The boyfriend is doing well though.  He is still on the job hunt and we have been enjoying our condo.  It truly feels more and more like our home every day.  I find myself eager to come home and have a nice dinner every evening after work.  Despite my lofty ambitions for a better balanced life, I have been doing pretty well for myself lately.

My apologies for my prolonged absences here.  I am always planning ways to make a big comeback, but I recognize that this is not necessary.  I write when I can.  I accept my progress for the progress that it is.  I cannot dwell on the number of missed days or the posts I didn’t get around to writing.  Instead, I continue to stockpile.  I jot down my ideas and I work toward crafting posts that capture the truths I am learning.  Because every day I am continuing to learn.

Fitness: Just as writing has eluded me, my strict fitness schedule has also eluded me quite a bit.  Making the time to schedule work outs has been a bit of a scheduling nightmare.  Still, I haven’t completely given up on working out.  I’ve managed to stick to yoga which is helping me find some calm and focus in the middle of my hectic weeks.  I also just bought a FitBit Fitness Band and am looking forward to finding some friends to challenge.  Let me know if you’re interested in teaming up to get some serious walking done!

Music: I’ve been bumping Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Part 2 along with Lorde’s Pure Heroine.  I have become obsessed with the genius that is Lorde so if you haven’t heard of her, you should go take a listen now.

Reading: I’m working on finishing a book for review called Super Born by Keith Kornell.  I fell a bit behind on that one.  I have a couple more books fore review in my queue right now.  I’m struggling with reading though because I have so much grading and reading to prep for class.   I’m in the midst of teaching The Crucible so I’m re-reading that right now.  I find I’m enjoying it a lot more now that I’m reading it for the second time.  So I’m thinking that I might review the play again this year.

All in all, life is busy but still pretty darn good.  I have decided that even though I feel like I’m dying when I’m swamped with work, I also somehow thrive when I’m drowning.  Maybe this is just a truth I need to learn to accept and embrace about myself as I forge forward into whatever lies ahead.

I have big plans to catch up with all of you my lovely readers.  You continue to inspire me.

© 2013, Jennifer Lesnick. All rights reserved.

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