April Love Day 23

Little J

When I was Little

When I Was Little

I wanted all eyes on me
I craved attention.
I was a little know it all
who loved to talk
and sing and dance.

I created worlds out of nothing.
I played with reckless abandon
because I wasn’t afraid of
falling down or getting hurt.

I was a wild beauty
because no one was telling me
how I should do my hair or
how skinny I should be.
I just let my mom pull my
wild hair back into a ponytail
or pig tails when I wanted to
feel more like Sailor Moon.

I wanted to be just like my mom:
a fun mother who spent her days
creating adventures for her daughters
and their friends.
And the adventures seemed like
they could never end.
There was the garden to explore
and then baking to do
and then crafts to ignite
our creativity.

My mom kept me outside
instead of letting me
stay inside to play with
toys or watch TV.
The natural world was
my playground.  I played
in the mud and ran around
amongst the plants.
I helped my mother weed
or picked fresh veggies from
our vegetable garden.
I picked flowers and created
my very own bouquets.
My skin always had a gorgeous
golden brown glow.

When I was little I knew
I could be anything
but I didn’t really care all
that much what I would become.
I just loved being exactly as I was.


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April Love Day 22




A Plea

I’ve done the hardest part:
I showed up to write
even though today
ambushed me into a
sickly submission.

But I’m drawing blanks
on how to weave this
into something with meaning
or something that anyone
would want to read.

So I’m turning this poem
into a plea for help.
Help me write something
better than what I would
write if I let myself go.

Take my plea and fill it
in with your words,
your hopes,
your motivations,
your dreams,

or maybe even
your fears,
your disappointments,
your frustrations

Voice what matters to you here
in poetic form for me
to weave into something
more universal and
community oriented.

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April Love Day 20


My Scent: I’m not really a perfume girl but I love this scent. I love that it’s simple, it’s sweet, and it has love in the title. I love that it never seems to be overpowering and I love that a bottle can last me forever. A match made in heaven.

Meet me where I’m at

Twenty days in and
I need to be honest with you:
I’m struggling.

I started with high energies:
create and save the world;
These words are going to
make you better.
Heck, they might even
make you famous.

And then each prompt
got less interesting and
more challenging.
Today I’m supposed to
make a pie chart or
Venn diagram.

But how do I make a poem
into a chart or a diagram?

Perhaps I should chart
the quality of my work?
Am I getting better or worse?

My inner critic is flaring up
and telling me to stop whining
to think outside the box
like a true artist would.

But numbers and figures
never really could play all
that much of a role in my
free flowing, prose-like
poetry.  I defy the rules
because I don’t have the
discipline to remember them
after my long day of work
when I’m writing in hopes
of connecting to something
deeper within myself.
Is she still in there?

The young impassioned
artist who effortlessly
filled notebooks up with
poetry.  She eagerly took on
any type of poetry she could
learn about to master this
craft that she didn’t fully
understand.  I want to
find her again and see
what she might do
with pie charts and
venn diagrams.

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April Love Day 19


I live here. We call this place Foxhall and one of the first housewarming gifts we got was a fox door knocker that proudly adorns our eight paneled door. I love where I live. I love the actual space as well as the surrounding area. I’ve loved transforming this space to reflect me. I’ve loved growing into this place and I look forward to the future years of happiness that I know I’ll have in this place.


Late night, Little time

Today’s poem was
impossible to write
then I thought haiku.

Walk aimlessly for
five short minutes to see
all that inspires.

Creation begins
when you realize that perfect
is the enemy.

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April Love Day 18


Nothing sweeter than my boys enjoying the Spring sun. We love our lazy weekends.

To My Future Child

I can’t wait to be a mother
to give life to another.
I’ve always felt a pull in
that direction.
I feel compelled to care
for others.

I spend a lot of time
wondering what I’ll
really be like when
that fateful day arrives
when I meet my future
son or daughter.

I’ll say I’ve been dreaming
of you sweetheart for longer
than you know.
I’ll be protective and defensive
because that little life
will be absolutely perfect.
Because you exist
I have been able to
uncover my truest
purpose in my life.

I will try to give you everything
but nothing will ever compare
to what you will give me.

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